Here's How To Come In 3 Minutes Or Less

Women aren't having enough orgasms. So when I first started experimenting with sex toys I knew nothing about sex and I would avoid my clit like the plague because I assumed the worst, I had heard all of the horror stories from the girls in my school about dildo pregnancies, blowjob pregnancies, death by kissing and of course the dreaded inactive clitoris.

This shouldn't be something you just get over and done with, a sex toy should be enjoyed and to give you maximum pleasure we need you to be totally chilled out and horny. Cleaning is simple, just clean the silicone head with warm soapy water followed by an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.

Although rechargeable sex toys are seen as an upgrade to the battery-operated types, there's still something to be said for a vibrator you can just whack a battery or two in and vibe yourself happy. It features a wheel of 12 mini soft silicone tongues to lick and caress your clitoris.

You can find more sex toys for couples by browsing on the couples section of these sex shops. I love the fact that not only is the silicone nozzle removable for easy cleaning but it clitoral sex toys also comes with a spare replacement. If you are buying women's or men's toys for the first time then you should read the information provided in this write-up to buy the best toys for you or your partner.

Avoiding my clitoris was the worst thing I did because I missed out on SO MUCH pleasure and never knew what was wrong with me and why I REALLY struggled to cum. Vibrating cock rings are designed for vibrate against the clitoris, offering both amazing clitoral stimulation, ideal for strong clitoral orgasms, and the fulfilling sensation of her partner's firmer penis.

That might not sound like it's much of a problem that ever needed solving but if you take into account that intense vibrations can make your fingers go numb before your clit does, sometimes holding the thing in the right spot for an extended period of time is a harder task than it sounds.

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